You’ve just had your new roof installed, and it’s looking amazing when viewing it from the curb. After six months, you’re wondering how your roof suddenly started leaking. You know you’ve done a great DIY job and checked all areas for possible penetrations — and that has saved you enough from labor. However, still, your new roof is leaking.

Based on our experience as reputable roofing contractors in Edmonton AB, a new roof is leaking because of some installation faults, troublesome material manufacturing, and the weather. When this happens, make sure to call a roofing contractor near you as soon as possible.

Qualify For Warranties

Most reputable roofing manufacturers such as IKO and GAF provide decades to a lifetime of warranties. However, you’ll need to fulfill a few caveats before you can qualify. First, the roofing installation must follow the manufacturer’s specifications 100%. Next, the warranty will always mention that it will provide coverage depending on the roof’s age when the incident happened, and the actual nature of the incident.

Did You Have It Installed By Certified Roofing Professionals?

Manufacturers and roofing contractors work together to introduce an exceptional and dependable roofing system for homeowners. The former will produce quality products and the latter will perform the installation down to the smallest dot of detail the manufacturer specified. In doing so, they create a quality system that guarantees the lowest incident of any new roof is leaking.

However, if you had unqualified roofers install your roof, it’s possible they’re at fault. While you can seek recourse from these unqualified roofers, you cannot seek manufacturer warranties. They will explicitly state in their warranty contracts that they will only honor all warranties if qualified roofers installed your new roof.

Does Your Warranty Cover The Leak-Inducing Incident?

Some warranties provide full coverage for any natural issues that arise after qualified roofers install your roof. In addition, certain highly-unlikely incidents are part of any warranties. Something as common as roof leaks — even on professionally-installed new roofs — might not be part of your warranty coverage.

In fact, some roof insurance policies also exempt roof leaks as warranting any reparation benefits. While some lawyers and consumers are arguing this to be wrong in Edmonton AB, you might have the lowest chance of success securing insurance benefits for a leaky roof.

My New Roof is Leaking: Is DIY at Fault?

If you have prior DIY roofing skills, then your roof installation is most certainly the least at fault. However, you cannot earn any benefits from your roofing manufacturer because they can only grant warranty benefits to certified roofer installations.

The best way to ensure you get full benefits from your roofing manufacturer is to have qualified and experienced roofing contractors in Edmonton AB install your roof. It might add some additional costs to your roofing budget, but you’re guaranteed no incident of your new roof is leaking will ever happen.

How Can I Make Sure My New Roof Won’t Leak Again?

You’ve got your reliable roofing contractors to repair your roof. Finally, you won’t have to worry about possible water damage. At this point, you’re likely wondering how can you make sure the new roof won’t leak again?

These tips are also useful if you’re picking out a new roof or looking for reliable roofing contractors to work with. In doing so, you ensure a new roof is leaking is something that won’t happen to you.

Reliable Manufacturers

Working with reliable roofing manufacturers is a must. Make sure to check actual product reviews. Some homeowners and roofing professionals use videos to demonstrate flaws and shortcomings.

Proper Professional Installation

Roofing professionals with decades of experience only guarantee exceptional roofing installations and services to your advantage. If your roof material manufacturer certifies them, you’re sure of accurate results in every project.

Post Installation Inspections

Your professional roofer can perform post-installation inspections. Whether you did your roof yourself or used another contractor, a post-installation inspection can help you nail leaking roof problems in the bud.

Regular Roofing Maintenance

Having regular roofing maintenance helps you prolong your new roof lifespan and durability by determining the smallest problems and fixing them before they even evolve into bigger problems.

Need a Reliable Roofer Near You?

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