Within Alberta’s Leduc County is the small hamlet of Nisku AB. Located east of Queen Elizabeth II Highway’s intersection and Highway 625 between Edmonton and Leduc County. The Nisku Business Park, built by the Sparrow Family in 1972, surrounds the entire hamlet. This business park is one of Western Canada’s biggest business parks and provides a huge jobs market boon of 6,000 occupations.

Both Nisku AB’s residential and business properties have to endure the cold winters and mildly-warm summers of a humid continental climate that can introduce sub-zero temperatures. They need an exceptional roofer with the skills and experience necessary to deliver exceptional results.

That’s when our team at DDCL comes in to help and deliver top-notch service.

Thorough Residential Roofing Service

DDCL has decades of experience providing top-quality residential roofing services for Nisku AB residents. Here is a list of all materials we can repair, replace, and install.

Asphalt Shingles

From typical asphalt shingle selections to top-quality, laminated architectural shingles, we can handle its installation with ease at the fastest time possible.

Clay and Slate Tiles

Some of the oldest yet most durable roofing materials require the best equipment, manpower, and skill to install. That’s when you need DDCL’s quality-oriented roofers.

Residential Metal Roofing

Steel or aluminum, we have the right tools and know-how to install your corrugated or standing seam metal roofs. We’ve provided top-tier metal roof installations for hundreds of Nisku AB residences.

Roof Deck Repairs

Before we start repairing your roof, we’ll inspect your roof deck. Then, we’ll advise you on possible repair options and an accurate estimate.

Effective and Long-Lasting Commercial Roof Repairs

Nisku AB has a population of half residential and commercial properties. DDCL offers only the best when it comes to quality commercial roofing services such as:

Single-Ply Membranes


Rubber roofs are affordable but require exceptional and accurate installations to maintain performance. Our team has in-depth experience handling EPDM membranes with exceptional installation services.


Similar to EPDM but more durable and insulating, TPO needs all installation protocols and measures installed to guarantee its efficiency. We’re the team that has handled hundreds of TPO installation, repairs, and replacements in Nisku AB.


The toughest single-ply membrane for commercial roofs is also the most expensive. Therefore, you’ll want a professional with years of experience servicing one to repair, replace, or install it for you.

Top Reasons Why Nisku AB Property Owners Love Working With DDCL

Integrity in All Aspects

With more than 10 years collective industry experience in Nisku AB, DDCL’s roofers are all about honest work that satisfies and improves the lifespan and capability of your roofs from installation to repairs — just ask our happy and satisfied customers.

Adaptive Solutions

The failure of by-the-book solutions doesn’t mean a roofer has to stop work and let someone else figure it out. We stay and collect every detail of the issue. Then, we draw up numerous solutions along with its corresponding cost to resolve the problem. We adapt and resolve all issues — that’s a promise!

Brand Certified Operations

We work with top-quality brands. In addition, our services qualify you for the material’s full warranty provision. All of DDCL’s roofers undergo brand certifications. Upon contacting us, we can present you a full list of brands we have full certifications.

Contact us today and get a free-of-charge quote on your roofing service needs in Nisku AB.