Every Leduc AB home needs insurance. There is no easy way to predict when hailstorms can happen from a month or a year beforehand. To avoid high risks brought by speculation, roof insurance helps drive down expenses with the help of thorough roofing insurance claims.

However, it’s not always easy to make successful roofing insurance claims. Insurers and their adjusters put your roof through numerous, detail-oriented tests to make sure it’s only “cosmetic” and not “structural” damages you’re having trouble with. Leduc AB properties with cosmetic roof damages often get their claims denied easily. Texas Property Insurance Lawyer has an excellent explanation on why this happens.

The Cosmetic Endorsement in Property Insurance Policies: Beauty is a Beast

The hail storms last spring in Dallas, Fort Worth, Wylie, Richardson, Plano, Rockwall, Garland, Rowlett, Allen, Mesquite and Lewisville have brought to light a little known endorsement in many Texas property insurance policies – the cosmetic endorsement.

The endorsement usually reads:


We do not cover cosmetic loss or damage caused by or resulting from hail to metal, slate or tile roofs. Cosmetic loss or damage means only damage that alters the physical appearance of the roof or any of its components but does not result in damage that allows the penetration of water through the roof covering or otherwise result in the failure of the roof covering to perform its intended function of keeping out the elements over an extended period of time.

Another endorsement might read:

“Cosmetic loss or damage” means only that damage that alters the physical appearance of the “metal roof covering” but does not allow the penetration of water or moisture through the “metal roof covering” or does not result in the failure of the “metal roof covering” to perform its intended function to keep out water and moisture for the remainder of its anticipated useful service life. (Continued here)

On the other hand, let’s say you’ve a legitimate structural damage on your hands, and you know it. You can still get your roofing insurance claims rejected for a number of reasons. Failure to properly document and failure to understand the coverage of roof insurance are two major potholes to successful roofing insurance claims.

In this light, it pays to be detail-oriented when it comes to making claims. Gordy Roofing has a good post about insurance facts and maximizing the benefits you’ll receive from potentially successful claims.

5 Facts You Should Know About Insurance Claims

Discovering storm related damage to your roof is devastating for most homeowners. Juggling the insurance company, the mortgage lender, and the roofing contractor requires several phone calls, meetings, and follow-ups. And do we need to remind you about the paperwork?

The storm damage experts at , TX, Inc., have helped hundreds of homeowners with storm and hail damage through the years. Below are our bedrock recommendations to help you make the transition from roof destruction to roof restoration run smoother.

​Look for Damage Immediately After a Storm

​If you suspect your roof is damaged, contact a reputable and licensed residential roofing contractor to inspect your roof as soon as possible. Keep in mind that even if your roof looks intact from the outside, there could be significant internal damage that only a trained roofing specialist can identify. The reason you want a contractor to arrive at the scene first is so that you have credibility and leverage when going over the roof with an insurance adjuster.

Document! Document! Document!

​An experienced roofer will know where to look for damage and will be thorough in documenting the damage and how extensive it is. They will often take pictures of damaged areas and submit to you a written explanation of what needs to be repaired and the estimated cost to repair. In some cases, you may have roof damage that is not significant enough to justify a claim.

​It is always wise to take pictures of your roof, especially after repairs have been completed. Be sure the images are clear and well labeled with the date and time. If possible take several pictures from various angles to accurately show the entirety of your roof and the state of your shingles. (Continued)

The article above mentioned hiring the right contractors for the job. Why will you need another roofing contractor when the adjuster brings their own? To avoid any biases during the roof inspection, an independent and highly-reliable Leduc AB roofing contractor can perform objective examinations. Most do this free of charge as part of their service. Then, both parties can make a comparison of information thereafter for an accurate overview of your roof condition.

Able Roof reflects our point of view regarding hiring or using independent contractors to evaluate your roof’s condition.


After storm or winter damage to roofs, homeowners often call insurance companies for estimates. It may seem like the natural step to take, but it’s not always in the best interest of the homeowner. Before calling your insurance company, it may be best to contact a roofing company directly. Roofing companies frequently work directly with insurance companies and understand their processes for estimates. A good roofing company like ABLE ROOF can become your advocate and ensure insurance companies do not take advantage of you.


Most homeowners despise filing claims through insurance. The task is usually tedious and painful, resulting in hours of lost time. To avoid dealing with the insurance companies, many homeowners call contractors first.There are a few advantages to calling a roofing company before insurance. The biggest advantage is establishing an ally to help you negotiate with insurance, if necessary. Good roofing companies will help you with the insurance paperwork if that’s the path you choose. (Continued)

If you have yet to find a reliable roofer to work with you in filing the most accurate and rewarding roofing insurance claims, don’t hesitate to call on DDCL. We have been serving Leduc AB and its surrounding areas for decades. Contact us today to help you with a roof examination before you process your insurance claim today!