No Rainstorms and Violent Weather

Spring and summer, you see some of your neighbors calling over their go-to roof repair companies for their scheduled roofing maintenance. You’ve been wondering whether it’s time you had repairs on your roof in Edmonton AB. After all, you’ve been experiencing higher utility bills, which indicate your property can have poorer insulation than how it was a few decades back.

However, how do you know the right time to have roof maintenance inspections and repairs? Is it just any time you feel like it as long as it isn’t raining or the winter season had just passed? Most professional roofing companies in Edmonton AB highly recommend working on your roof during fall, which is just a few months until winter comes.

According to The Exterior Company, fall is the best season for roof repair because roofers won’t have to contest with possible rain, wind, and hailstorms. In addition, it’s just the right temperature to work on top of a roof while the sun is out without feeling the heat of stress. You can read more about their perspective below.

If you or your neighbor were in the path of a storm that brought with it damaging winds or hail, now is the right time to make absolutely certain you don’t have roof damage. Roofers know fall is the most opportune time for homeowners to have a roof inspection and roof repair for the following reasons:

  • Fall Typically Marks the End of Tumultuous Weather
  • Conditions are Perfect for Roof Repairs and Replacements
  • Frigid Winter Weather Presents Challenges for Roofers
  • Winter Storms Can Turn Small Roof Problems into Costly Repairs
  • Fall Roofing Fixes Mean Winter Savings for Homeowners
  • Fall Typically Marks the End of Tumultuous Weather

Spring and summer months traditionally bring with them the most severe and damaging weather. The strong wind and hail that often come with that weather leads to roof damage most homeowners don’t know exists. The fall months present the ideal time to have a free roof inspection to ensure any damage is identified and repaired. The drier days make for easier installation and repairs for roofers, and less delays.

Conditions are Perfect for Roof Repairs and Replacements (Continued)

Showalter Roofing is another company that greatly agrees with waiting for fall before you start any kind of repairs on your roof. It lists the following as valid and useful reasons to go for fall instead of spring and summer.

Many factors go into roof work: temperatures, the height of the roof, weather conditions, and so much more. Now that fall is in full swing, roofing repair services in Glencoe, Il are more popular than ever, and this is for good reason. Fall is an extremely popular time for our team for the following reasons:

Stormy Season Is Ending

The summer is known for many storms, so now that fall is starting, storms are less frequent. Now is a great time for our team to assess any damages that may have occurred during the summer months and make sure that your roof is prepared for a long winter ahead.

Ideal Working Conditions

The fall is an ideal season for us to work because of the mild temperatures. It is especially ideal weather if you need any asphalt shingles installed, as mild temperatures better seal them to the roof itself. If the weather is too cold, such as winter, dealing with these shingles can be tricky. The shingles may become brittle or break. (Continued)

When Do You Crucially Need Repairs on Your Roof?

However, do you always need to wait for fall before you provide any significantly-needed repairs on your roof? Any professional will advise you never to wait until the right season to provide much-needed roof lifespan-improving repairs and improvements to your home in Edmonton AB.

If you’re seeing cracked, curled, or missing shingles right from the curb, then it’s time to call professional services to help you. The same can be said if you’re seeing sunlight penetrate your attic, experiencing intermittent leaks during the lightest rainshowers, and your roofing shingles have moss in them.

We at DDCL can help you address any repairs on your roof you crucially need. We provide a no-obligation, free roofing inspection to give you a heads-up overview of your roof’s condition even if it isn’t fall season. Call us today to learn more!