You’ve had a rough week. The build-up to the massive Edmonton AB storm is something you anticipated. However, what you didn’t expect is to deal with massive roof leaks. You’ve been pushing buckets underneath the sources and de-filling them as fast as you can. It’s a nightmare, but what comes next is worse: your insurance company is rejecting your roof leak insurance claims.

You might say what nerve they have to do such a thing to clients such as you. Unfortunately, many homeowners get rejected for roof leak insurance claims. Most companies claim it isn’t water damage, and the primary cause is the homeowner’s negligence to provide proper roof maintenance. Negligence? But your roof was working fine before the storm, right? Benzinga includes roof leaks as an exempted clause for water damage insurance claims. Read more about it below!

Roof Leak Insurance Claims Exemptions

There is a fine line when it comes to coverage for water damage. Sometimes you will have a level of coverage even when an overall incident is not covered. With that thought in mind, let’s first, take a look at what is NOT covered. Most of these incidents deal with keeping your home maintained properly.

Any flood disaster would not be covered under a basic homeowner’s policy.
If you have a sewage backup that causes flooding within your home, you will not be covered. This can be from drains or a sump pump. This is especially important if you live in a two-story building and the upper floor has the backup.

If you have a leaky roof after a rainstorm, you will most likely not be covered. This would be considered a routine maintenance issue.
A slow dripping leak from a pipe or hose that is not fixed promptly will be denied coverage. If it is not “sudden or accidental,” then you will not have coverage.

Nothing can help a denied claim from a maintenance incident. This is why it is essential that you have an inspection of your home done regularly by a professional. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules.

For instance, if the leak was behind a wall and you didn’t notice it until it seeped through or under the floorboard, then you should be covered. But if there is evidence that it has been there for a while with no attention, then you won’t be covered. As long as you prove that you made an effort to take care of the issue as soon as you found it, you will be fine. (Read more)

Will regular roof maintenance using an experienced and knowledgeable Edmonton AB roofing company help prevent roof leaks and possible roof damage? Absolutely! In addition, you’ll actually spend less on roof repairs and replacements with maintenance services too.

Roof maintenance is a counter-argument insurance providers often use against roof leak insurance claims. It is true: their claim that irregular roof maintenance caused the roof leaks leaves your residential water damage outside the coverage is justifiable. Insurance Hub has great instructions on how you can maintain your roof and prevent roof leaks from happening.

How to Maintain Your Roof

To reduce wear and tear and ensure your roof meets your home insurance provider’s requirements, focus on these maintenance tips.

  1. Visually inspect the roof at least once a month. Pay close attention to missing shingles or warping. This is where the shingles lift off the surface.
  2. Climb into the attic of your home and look for signs of exterior water damage on the roofing materials. If water or moisture exists here, you’ll need to call a roofer to patch the leaks.
  3. Keep your roof clean. It’s always necessary to clean out gutters, but you should also remove debris from the structure.
  4. Keep tree branches away from your home’s roof. Tree branches can cause significant damage to the structure as they grow. They also pose a significant threat for damage during stormy weather.
  5. Have your roof properly cleaned by a professional to remove all algae and mold growth that may grow on the surface.

Proper roof maintenance can provide you with a wide range of benefits, including reducing the risk of unnecessary wear and tear. This can help minimize your need to file a home insurance claim. (Continued)

Perhaps the best insurance policy to protect your belongings from possible roof leak damage is to use a contents insurance policy. Water damage insurance will cover your entire property’s repairs and replacements. However, contents insurance policies can replace your belongings in the event roof leaks worsen or your home encounters an unexpected flood in a non-flood prone area. has a great post on how content insurance works. However, take note that this insurance will not provide cover for your roof, only your belongings.

What Is Content Insurance?

If you stop to think about the sheer amount of stuff that you own, you’d realise how much it would cost to replace everything – usually tens of thousands of pounds.

A contents policy protects your belongings from theft, and damage from fire and flood – from your clothes and books to that treadmill you threw in the shed three years ago.

You don’t have to get cover for your contents, but it helps cover your costs if you have to replace a smashed TV, or deal with a room full of flooded furniture. (Continued)

You can avoid having to do roof leak insurance claims by having professional Edmonton AB roofers help you with regular roofing maintenance. If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, you can count on DDCL to help you. We have decades of experience in providing only the best roofing services. Contact us today!