When you own an asphalt shingle roof, it’s tempting to conduct repairs on your own. Some Edmonton AB homeowners told you it was simple: just buy a bundle of replacement shingles, a pry bar, and roofing nails. Then, you’ll just need to remove the damaged shingles and nail in the new ones. Unfortunately, roofing isn’t that simple. For this reason, we highly recommend you work with local roofers for any roofing.

True enough, we’re one of the most reputable Edmonton AB roof repair and overall service contractors. But this post isn’t self -serving. We intend to show you the difficulties many DIY repair homeowners have encountered before they mastered fully addressing their roof’s problems or their expensive and troubling failed attempts in doing so. Here are all the reasons why you should all roofing work to reliable local roofers.

DIY Repairs Will Always Have Errors

It’s a fair day with just enough sun, which means it’s perfect when it comes to conducting roof repairs. Unfortunately, you haven’t mastered the right way to tear off your roof, and you end up damaging completely undamaged shingles in the process.

Harry Helmet has a list of all the DIY repair errors most first-time roofers and DIY homeowners commit. If you are planning to DIY repair your roof, make sure you take note of them.

1. Starter shingles installed incorrectly (or not at all).

Many do-it-yourselfers make this mistake before they even begin. It’s vital to lay down a “starter” section of shingles along the eaves; otherwise, water will invade the sheathing under the bottom shingles’ cutouts.

2. Improper slope.

Choosing materials that don’t match the slope of the roof also leaves the home susceptible to water penetration. For instance, a minimum slope of four units of rise per twelve units of run is recommended if you are installing asphalt, wood, or tile shingles and shakes.

3. Improper use of nails.

Shingles can slip down if they aren’t nailed correctly or if too few nails have been used. You should use at least four nails per shingle, and raise that minimum to six on roofs with steep grades. Also, nails shouldn’t be driven into (or above) the self-sealing strip. (Continued)

Doing It Yourself Can Inflate Your Roof Repair Expenses

DIY roofing isn’t just about buying simple equipment to remove shingles, apply tar, and hammer in roofing nails. In fact, it’s about decreasing the risks of damaging and making your roof worse in the process. If you’re a first-time roofer without prior training or have never worked with experienced professionals, you’re more likely to make errors that can make your roof worse.

Bird Creek Roofing explains in detail how DIY isn’t helping you save money. They even show you that even with a well-executed DIY roofing, you’re compromising something valuable for your roof and budget: your roofing warranty.


Although DIY projects are often opportunities for great savings, it’s not necessarily true for roofing. What starts off as a cheaper alternative can quickly become more expensive when the extra costs of buying your own materials and tools start to add up and in the end, you are forced to hire a professional to redo all the work. Our roofers are trained to identify the problem and provide homeowners with the most cost-effective way to fix it. Not to mention that the majority of replacements and repairs are typically covered by your home insurance!


Before deciding to go through with a DIY roofing project, it’s important to be aware of product warranties. Most roofing material manufacturers will not guarantee materials that haven’t been installed by a professional roofing contractor. (Continued)

Roofing Experts Have Overcome the Risky Aspects of Roofing

Local roofers in Edmonton AB have gained experience and knowledge in roofing through a continuous stream of projects. Therefore, they have minimized all possible risks and dangers of roofing to themselves and to homeowners as well. Professionals will always safeguard themselves against the following dangers listed by Roof Revivers below:

You’re Always at Risk to Fall:

When you’re up on the roof, whether the weather is perfect, or it’s raining, you have a chance of falling off of the roof and sustaining serious injuries. Even expert roofers have had near-death experiences with falling before. 34% of falling injuries when roofing end up being fatalities due to the serious damage done by falling. You’re also dealing with tons of equipment on the roof you can trip on when you’re roofing as well. This is one of the main reasons roofing is so dangerous.

The Roofs are Unsafe to Begin With:

Nobody gets work done on their roof unless there’s a problem. Due to this, when roofers get on the roof there’s likely a wide range of missing asphalt shingles, curved shingles, and more. If they step in the wrong place and lose their footing, they could fall and severely injure themselves. They can even fall through homes if enough damage has been done in one particular area.  (Read More)

Make sure you’re working with the most reliable and dependable roofers in Edmonton AB. If you have yet to find them, you can count on DDCL to help you. Our decades of experience and wide roster of satisfied clients is our guarantee that you’ll always achieve your best roofing results by working with us! Contact us today!