Homeowners with a roof repair estimate have less to worry about because of two things: they can plan their roofing budget accordingly and have no surprise expenses from their reputable and greatly-reliable Edmonton AB roofing contractor.

Luckily, knowing your total roof repair estimate for roofing tiles isn’t rocket science. You’ll just need to learn about the average materials cost of roofing tiles in 2019, the labor details, and differences between clay and slate tiles that can spell the difference between your total roof tile cost.

Clay and slate tiles are exceptional roofing materials that can last for decades or even beyond half a century. Additionally, they have their respective maintenance and repair methods. In turn, you have to make different kinds of budgets because of possibly having a different roof repair estimate between the two.

The Average Market Cost in 2019

Nowadays, tile roofs can fetch about $700-$800 per square to install. Therefore, a full 3,300 square meter roof can cost about $3,300 for a full on installation. The roofing material’s demand has remained average when you compare it to the sales and production of asphalt roofing shingles and metal roofs.

Clay and slate tiles have their distinct Spanish residence aesthetic most Edmonton AB homeowners who wish to use them find attractive. On the other hand, tile roofs require regular maintenance, which can reduce the amount on your roof repair estimate. Then again, maintenance improves its lifespan by removing all kinds of growth and debris that can reduce its lifespan and capability.

Roofing Reparation Labor Details

Labor makes up 30-50% of your total roof repair estimate. Tile roofs are delicate roofing materials that require proper handling and installation. While it doesn’t need special equipment to achieve this, it will need skillful professionals to handle the procedure.

Most of the time, clay and slate tile roof repair requires a hand shovel, caulk or roofing tar, and roofing experience. However, a responsible roofing contractor will inspect every roofing area for any possible cracks and damages. In turn, this helps homeowners save more money from additional repair sessions.

As we mentioned earlier, roofing maintenance is an essential part of prolonging a tile roof’s lifespan and capability. It is essentially 80% the cost of a full-on roof tile repair. For an accurate calculation of your tile roof repair estimate, take note of the following.

Tile Removal

The first step to any roof tile repair is to remove the faulty tiles from your roof. These can have a broken or cracked physical appearance. To remove the tile, you’ll need to use the hand shovel and gently lift up the faulty tile. If it cracks midway into lifting, remove the parts carefully to avoid damaging the other well-performing tiles.


Once you have removed all the faulty and damaged tiles, you can replace them with fresh one. To do this, use the hand shovel to apply roofing caulk or tar underneath the tiles. Then, press it firmly for one to two minutes. Make sure to leave it in place and avoid dislodging it to allow the caulk or tar to dry and harden.

Post-Reparation Inspections

Once finished, inspect other areas of your roof for possible tiles you may have missed. Experienced roof repair contractors such as DDCL have advanced detection methods allowing them to know which areas of your tile roof might require tile replacements.

Differences Between Clay and Slate Tiles

Clay and slate tiles are highly durable roofing material. While concrete has become a more affordable and somewhat excellent substitute, clay and slate tiles have a unique and classic aesthetic. They have some subtle differences that can affect your final roof repair estimate.

Clay Tiles

These are beautiful molded clays, which are hardened in ovens and reinforced with specialized durability and performance-enhancing improvements. They have been used for more than three centuries with some aging castles still employing them against rain, snow, and hailstorms

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are natural rock formations with a density that matches standing seam metal roofs. These sheet-like tiles have their unique appeal, but they can make your roof look darker than it normally would.

Both clay and slate tiles can last for more than 50-70 years, which make them excellent roofing materials for any residence. However, they can be quite an investment, which is why roofing maintenance is a must with these two materials

How to Make Sure You Have an Accurate Tile Roof Repair Estimate in Edmonton AB?

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