Roof leaks are a common problem in any Edmonton AB home. While there are many professional and highly-experienced roofers in Edmonton AB, it doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune on roof leak repairs. By knowing preventative roof leak solutions, you avoid huge roof repair expenses with just simple solutions that nip the problems in the bud.

True enough — and yet homeowners often neglect this the most — the biggest of problems start from small ones that progressively grow into big and out of control situations. In turn, drastic measures such as roof replacements make the entire ordeal expensive and a financial nightmare for years to come.

Here are four of the most useful preventative roof leak solutions you can use for your homes today. You won’t even have to spend a fortune doing these. In fact, you’ll even add 10 more years to your roofing materials by doing the following.

Have Regular Roofing Maintenance

Roofing maintenance has saved countless Edmonton AB homes from indoor water damage due to extreme roof leakage. And you wouldn’t believe it even if we as professionals told you it all started with a simple, pin-sized roof leak.

The thing with roof leaks: the water pushes down against the roofing material grit by grit. Over the course of a few years, the erosion becomes bigger. In consequence, the roof can collapse, but it will definitely have an un-containable infiltration.

To prevent this from happening, professionals perform roofing maintenance by determining possible areas of infiltration. Next, they will address these issues with simple and non-expensive repairs. In doing so, they prolong the lifespan of your roof without any issues.

Use Roof Coating To Your Advantage

Roof coating is useful if your roof is aged between 1-5 years. This time limit makes sure your roof has no invasive fractures and cracks that will weaken the elastomeric or acrylic seal the roof coating provides. Roof coating only works best if the roof is free from debris and has no deep fissures or holes. You will need contractors to perform the necessary repairs needed to your brand new roof before applying roof coating effectively.

However, if your roof is in a great condition, you can do roof coating by yourself. Just make sure to follow these instructions to prevent premature aging and other possible untoward issues after applying it. Tucson Rubberized provides great instruction below:


First and foremost, you need to use the right roof coating product for your style of roof. It’s easier to treat sloped roofs that don’t have drainage issues, as any reflective white roof coating will work. Flat roofs and roofs with drainage problems require more attention to prevent standing water and moisture from becoming a problem. The coating supply company can help you select the right product for your roof.


Before you apply the coating, you’ll need to clean the roof thoroughly. First, remove all debris from the surface. Use a sprayer or a pressure washer for the cleaning, taking care not to disturb the roof membrane and lap seams. After you clean the roof, remove any loose materials. Let the roof dry completely before you apply the coating. Keep in mind that the roof may take up to 24 hours to finish drying.


You can fix some kinds of damage, like minor leaks, when you coat the roof. However, it’s better to go ahead and make repairs before you apply the coating. Coating over damage can make your coating wear out faster, making the coating only a quick fix. Make sure leaks, broken or cracked shingles, rust, and other flaws are appropriately addressed to extend the life of your roof and your roof coating.


You’ll want to reserve at least two full days for the roof coating process. Ideally, you should coat your roof when you are expecting moderate, dry, and sunny weather. Temperature extremes that cause frost or dew can interfere with your coating. Remember that coating will take longer to dry in cold temperatures or humid weather, so choose your timing carefully. (Source)

Clean Your Roof Manually (Won’t Need Professionals)

Regularly cleaning the twigs and removing debris from your roof is often enough to avoid mold and other fungi from growing on them. Asphalt shingle roofs and clay tiles often attract these organisms. Unfortunately, when they make a habitat on your roof, they’ll definitely cause it to crack and reduce its lifespan quickly

Inspect Your Roof Daily

A quick check of your roof from the curb is efficient daily documentation already. During weekends, try to spend time heading up and checking on your roof’s existing condition. Note any holes that your contractors might need to address during your scheduled roof maintenance routine.

If you have yet to find a reliable roofer to work with, you can count on DDCL to provide the roof maintenance services and other roof services you may need. Contact us today to know more about what we can do for you!