Thanks to search engines, any Edmonton AB homeowner can find many solutions and how-to guides in repairing their leaky roof after a heavy rain the previous day. Even a simple search on how to stop a roof leak from the inside yields many relevant results. Spray foam repairs are a popular topic among the solutions they will find online. Are they really effective when it comes to delivering exceptional results?

Most roof rubber or polyurethane spray foams are just a spray-and-forget process. One way to illustrate this is to take a look at the online instructions for a reputable spray roof leak repair product FlexSeal. Here are the steps you can use this product to stop roof leaks from the inside.

How to Stop a Roof Leak from the Inside: Seal a Leaky Roof  in 4 Easy Steps

Flex Seal is a rubberized coating that sprays out the liquid, seeping into those pesky holes in your roof. The following steps should serve as a guide to bring your roof back to life using Flex Seal:

Step 1- Find it

The first and most important step is to make sure you have located the exact area where leakage is occurring. This can be done by pouring a small amount of water over the area you suspect the hole in your roof is located and checking for the leak underneath. Do a small area at a time, to really pinpoint the cause of the leak.

Step 2- Clean it

Clean and dry the area you wish to apply Flex Seal. Double check that there is no dirt, leaves, oil, or any other things that might have accumulated on your roof throughout the years.

Step 3-  Shake it 

The next step is to make sure that you shake the can very well. A vigorous 1-minute shake will ensure that Flex Seal works optimally.

Step 4-  Spray it

This step is perhaps the most fun step of all. At this point, you will aim the problem area and spray using an even, sweeping motion. This spray should completely cover the holes as well as the surrounding area. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, allow Flex Seal to completely dry. This can last up to 48 for complete curing. Once the first coat is completely dry, spray on additional coats as seen fit for your roof. (Continued)

As experienced roofing contractors in Edmonton AB, we’re never against simple and innovative solutions. In fact, we find them efficient especially because they’re convenient. Picture yourself in the middle of a week-long heavy rainstorm without any form of professional help to deal with a drastically-evolving roof leak.

How to stop a roof leak from the inside? A spray foam can be enough to seal the smaller ones efficiently. SP Vacuum has a great list of benefits that spray foams can deliver fast in the middle of a storm.

The Advantages of Using Spray Foams for Repairs

  1. Rain water can do much damage to a leaking roof. A little opening in the roof can be exploited by rain water to weaken the roof, making it susceptible to untold damage. This can be prevented by spraying the roof with this spray foam. The foam will seal up the opening, thereby preventing the water from wreaking havoc on the roof.
  2. Some places in the roof of a building are naturally difficult to be insulated against water and moisture-laden air. However, you can gain easy access to those places by using spray foam. The spray foam will expand its volume enough to fill up those places, giving it the best protection possible.
  3. If you spray your attic with spray foam, it will increase the racking strength of the attic. Whenever there is heavy downpour or wind, the spray foam will drastically reduce the damage to the attic as well as minimize the rate of water penetration. (Continued)

However, only your identification of leaks guarantees the spray foam’s efficiency in sealing roof leaks from the inside. Roof water leaks can be subtle and unidentifiable appearing only with small discolored circles that eyes won’t spot the first time. They can quite easy to find too, but this is an indicator that you’ve already suffered extreme roof damage during the time.

918 Construction‘s list of things to look for to identify roof leaks in your home will help you use your spray foams to seal the areas quickly. In doing so, you prevent any further damage to you roof until the storm passes.

How to Stop a Roof Leak From the Inside: Symptoms to Look For

  1. Water stains or damp spots on your ceiling
  2. Moist drywall or paint around light fixtures or electrical outlets
  3. Damp spots around interior air vents or fireplaces
  4. Interior paint bubbling or peeling during hard rains
  5. Dripping sounds inside your home
  6. Water stains on rafters or on roof sheathing inside your attic
  7. A musty house smell (especially in your attic)
  8. Curling or buckling shingles on your roof
  9. Loose shingles laying in your yard
  10. Loose or exposed nails on your roof
  11. Cracked or damaged flashing around roof vents
  12. Loose flashing or cracked sealants around your chimney
  13. Roof rot with discolored or excessively degraded shingles
  14. Peeling paint or rotten areas under roof eaves
  15. Clogged or loose gutters & downspouts
  16. Debris piles in roof valleys or above chimney
  17. Shingle granules in your gutters (Read more)

However, spray roof repair foams can only do so much. How to stop a roof leak from the inside? Use spray foam or a simple tarpaulin. However, how to stop a roof leak forever? Use experienced roofing contractors with knowledge and experience for life-extending roof repairs. If you have yet to find one in Edmonton AB, you can count on DDCL. Know more about what we can do for you by calling us today!