When you see your roof encountering a huge leak or see a large portion of roofing materials blown off by a storm, you want to have it repaired as soon as possible. In fact, some homeowners will purchase the minimal roofing tools needed to execute the process and believe they’ve done a great job of it. However, the easiest DIY roofing repairs or replacement will really compromise the results of your roofing work.

What’s the risk associated with the easiest DIY roofing? One, inexperience in roofing will lead to slower and agonizingly compromised results. Second, you place yourself in danger learning to balance and adjust your body to you roof’s high slope. Third, you will spend multiple weekends performing DIY roof repairs or replacement. Lastly, you stand to lose so much money. Feldco Roofing has a great explanation of just how much below.

The Easiest DIY Roofing Can Make You Lose Money

The number one reason people prefer to take on do-it-yourself projects is simple – since you don’t have to pay anyone for labor it’ll save them money. At least that’s theoretically what should happen. However, replacing a roof is much more complicated than it first seems.

Overall, there are many factors that go into a roof replacement and its often not as straightforward as just ripping up a few shingles and replacing – even this seemingly simple act can become more complex than expected.

Full replacement is an even more stringent endeavor that involves knowledge of roof pitch, shingle material, underlay, among many other things. Replacing a roof with a professional can actually save you money in the long run for two big reasons – the first is that roofing contractors and business can often get wholesale prices for roofing materials.

This saving can often be passed on to the consumer. In addition, a roofing professional will make sure to get the job done correctly the first time. This can help reduce repairs down the line as they will be able to see any trouble spots related to wood, framing, flashing, windows, chimneys and other home improvement projects that an amateur will probably miss. (Continued)

True enough, even without using reputable and reliable Edmonton AB roofing services to perform repairs or replacements, homeowners can succeed and even prolong their roof’s lifespan. Unfortunately, they still lost so much money in the process. Manufacturer warranties do not let homeowners pay for any repairs or replacement if the roof material itself is defective. Therefore, performing the easiest DIY roofing procedures to repair it will void your warranty.

An incorrect roof installation renders an automatically roofing material warranty void according to Angie’s List. In addition, they state plenty of other reasons to have your warranty void below.

Primary Reasons Manufacturers Void Your Roof Warranty

Incorrect roof installation

Roofing manufacturers have strict regulations regarding how their roofs are installed. This can include things like the number of nails per shingle, length of the nail and more. Because of this, it’s strongly recommended that homeowners work with a contractor familiar with the type of roof they are installing.

Hot roofs

A hot roof is a roof that lacks ventilation because the roof sheathing is coated with spray foam insulation. This can cause the shingle temperature to rise, resulting in faded color and a shorter lifespan for the shingles.

Before moving forward with a hot roof, check with the roofing manufacturer to make sure that doing so will not void your roofing warranty. Also be sure to check with your city to see if they have restrictions on hot roofing before proceeding with your project. (Continued)

The easiest DIY roofing repairs and replacements guarantee you can save money — but only on roofing labor. Unfortunately, you will still lose so much investing in roofing equipment. A simple roofing knife and a tar putty can administer short-term roof leak plugs. However, long-term permanent roofing requires a huge roster of professional equipment.

Professional roofing services in Edmonton AB rely on accurate measurements, precision process execution from material laying to nailing, and post-procedural checks. You’ll need more tools than the 10 items Field Pulse lists to achieve a life-extended roof repair or replacement.

Basic Equipment Every Professional Roofer Needs

1. Ladder

This is the most essential of tools. You will need a ladder that extends 30 to 40 ft. allowing you to access a roof with ease. Be sure to invest in a quality ladder as you will use this piece of equipment every day on the job site and you want one that lasts. Take safety into consideration when you are selecting a ladder as you will be going up and down it frequently and don’t want any accidents to occur right out of the gate.

2. Safety Equipment

When you are working with heights, you need to consider safety at every turn for you and your crew. Having the required safety equipment will ensure that no one gets hurt and that everyone remains safe throughout the project. Think about hard hats, gloves, and safety glasses as key pieces of safety equipment you should pick up for your team.

3. Pry Bar

This handy tool will help you as your remove nails from old roofs that you are replacing. A flat pry bar is a fast way to loosen nails and can also be used to demolish areas of the roof that are hard to get off. Invest in a good pry bar or two to make roof replacement easy and quick for your entire crew. (Read More)

If you have yet to find professional roofers that can help you save money and time from DIY roofing, you can always count on DDCL to help you. With our decades of experience handling roofing repairs and replacements in Edmonton AB, you can depend on us to deliver only the best results.