With access to the Internet, many Edmonton AB homeowners have ventured towards performing do-it-yourself projects when it comes to repairs or the replacement of their aging roof even. You’ve definitely read many success stories, which inspired you to perform DIY roof repairs and other procedures for your roof.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. DIY roof repairs are dangerous especially to the inexperienced roofer. Sentry Exteriors has an excellent summary of every type of danger you’re facing up there if you don’t plan to work with Edmonton AB professional roofers with in-depth roof repair experience.

The Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs

When the time comes to replace your old roof, it’s understandable that it’s tempting to skip hiring a pro and just do the installation yourself. Some think they are saving money, but there are many dangers in doing your own roof installation project.

What’s So Dangerous About DIY Roof Installation?

DIY Installation: It Costs More

The roof is more than just a single structure; it’s actually made up of different parts acting as one unit. As such, there’s a lot to think of and assess when you’re replacing the roof. It can actually get complex sometimes thinking of things like the shingles, underlayment and ventilation.

The danger of doing DIY roof installation is that you might miss a critical component of your roof. Failing to do this will end up costlier than actually working with a local roofer. Replacing the roof without addressing structural damage, for example, will result in a “new” roof that’s not as sturdy and has a drastically reduced life span.

DIY Roof Installation is Dangerous

The roof won’t always give you the full picture of its true state. On the surface, it may look sturdy enough to tread on, but remember: you’re replacing an old roof, which might have considerable structural damage underneath. Whether you’re installing new gutter guards or replacing your entire roof, it’s simply not safe to tread on the roof even if you think you’re nimble enough. Your safety is something you should never risk just to save money. (Continued)

Aside from possible personal dangers, you’re liable to achieve lackluster results with DIY roof repairs. Roofers have sufficient experience and knowledge to determine the proper way to provide long-term repairs for any kind of roof. If one does not have these checkpoints, correct measurements, and others, it’s possible you’ll end up with a poor DIY roof repair job.

De Palma Construction has a great post not just on the pros and cons of DIY roof repairs but also the reasons professional roofers are the best way to go with all roofing installations.


Better, Faster Work

A team of professionals can do a top-notch roofing job and get it done much faster than any DIY enthusiast. For instance, here at DePalma Construction we only take a day to complete most of our re-roofing jobs.

Workmanship Guarantee

A professionally completed project is generally guaranteed against workmanship defects. We at DePalma Construction offer an extensive workmanship guarantee, under which we fix any problems arising out of poor workmanship at no cost to you.

No Risk of Property Damage

When you install a roof, even the tiniest of mistakes could result in property damage. You could damage your lawn and shrubbery by carelessly tossing the shingles around; you could drop a shingle right onto your siding, fence, stairs, or deck and end up damaging it inadvertently. (Read More)

If you’d like to do DIY roof repairs, then you’re definitely passionate about learning new and useful skills. Everyone can do roofing but not everyone is cut out for the task. It is a commitment towards bettering your roof and performing every process with the right execution, equipment, and more.

GAF has a great article on the prerequisites of DIY roof repairs that every aspiring Edmonton AB homeowner should know. Read more about it here.


Many people think that installing a new roof is nothing more than just nailing up some shingles. The truth is, a properly installed roof is a complex system of components working together to keep water (and the damage it can do) outside of your home. Think about your car: a mechanic doesn’t drop off a system of parts for your car in your driveway and expect you to assemble the vehicle. Competent roofing contractors spend years learning their trade. They train long hours to learn how to properly handle and install roofing system materials, identify risks, keep themselves safe, and follow mandatory building regulations – all while keeping water out.

In addition to training, roofing involves a great deal of physical labor, especially if you plan to tear off your existing roof before installing the new one. If you’re not comfortable walking on a roof or carrying heavy objects up a ladder, you should think twice about taking on a roofing job. Can you lift 50 pounds? Do you have a fear of heights? (Continued)

If you have yet to find a reliable local roofer to help you, you can count on DDCL to help you with all your roofing needs. We are an Edmonton AB roofing company with decades of experience when it comes to roof repairs that you need. Contact us today!