Your home-building contractors are just about to finish your property’s foundations, walls, and interiors. Early before the project, they’ve told you they do not do roofing because they don’t have any certification in Edmonton AB. You have yet to find a reliable and experienced team of roofers in Edmonton AB, but you know it’s easy to do so: just do a simple search engine query for a list of roofers in your area.

Unfortunately, this convenience becomes a huge problem quickly. Search engines can return huge numbers of seemingly highly-reliable roofing companies. Upon closer inspection, you see some of them have photos of their previous work while some haven’t uploaded anything but only text and some encouraging marketing words.

At this point, you hesitate to hire any single one of them. Upon doing further research into more companies, your list piles up and becomes troublesome to narrow down.  However, you only need to remember three things to make sure you’re working with a reputable and quality-focused contractors in your area. Make sure to have this post handy when making your next query or re-evaluating older ones.

Years of Experience

All roofing contractors have experience. However, the best ones have seen the changing trends in their local area’s roofing needs. A great list of roofers should include only those with more than 10 years of experience providing quality roofing services in their area. The greater the years of experience, the better the quality of your list.

However, keep in mind that years of existence is different from years of experience. Make sure to check your roofer’s portfolio to see their quality of work. A lack of quality case studies/project photos can mean a 10-year-old roofing company might only have less than one year of actual roofing experience.

Certification and Licenses

An experienced roofing company in Edmonton AB can provide excellent repairs and replacement. However, reputable regulating bodies or authorities must recognize their capabilities as well. In Alberta, the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA) provides a Roofer Certification Program. While it isn’t a government-recognized certification, it guarantees you’re working with a highly-reliable contractor capable of simple roof repairs to full-on roof replacements and installations.

ARCA outlines the goals and their responsibilities in this short excerpt:


Education has always been an important part of our mandate at ARCA. We continue to support and promote the Apprenticeship Program in cooperation with NAIT and will carry on funding the tuition for all levels of apprenticeship training.

Now we are pleased to introduce our expanded education program to provide a career path for your roofers. ARCA members and their employees will benefit from the Roofer Certification Program; the cost of it being covered by ARCA for all Contractor Members.

Our goal is to create a program that will instill pride in workers for their accomplishments and create a career plan that will assist member contractors as they develop the next generation of leaders in the industry. All members are welcome to use only the elements of the program that meet their needs.

Individual roofers who complete all elements of modules 1 and 2 will be entitled to use the designation of ACCREDITED ROOFER OF ALBERTA (while employed with a member contractor).

By successfully completing module 2 and 3, roofers are entitled to use the designation CERTIFIED ROOFING PROFESSIONAL (while employed with a member contractor).

ARCA will be recognizing students as they complete the modules with rewards (Continued)

Reviews and Overall Client Experiences

The Internet is similar to a huge Yellow Pages address book (nowadays also known as Yelp). In addition, it’s also a homeowner’s lifestyle magazine that has reviews about roofing contractors in a homeowner’s local area. The point is, it’s easy to create an excellent list of roofers that illustrate the client’s overall experience working with the contractor whose address and contact details you’ve found online.

On the other hand, majority of online content is user-generated. Therefore, you might find some unscrupulous and fake contractors having some top-quality reviews when they do not actually do work or create horrible results in reality. To avoid this, it’s important to know how to spot fake reviews.

Marketwatch’s article focuses on finding fake reviews about online businesses in general and not just about roofing. However, it’s worth reading especially if you’d want to create the best list of roofers who can work on your home. Read more about it below:

Here are 10 ways to spot fake reviews online:

Examine the timing of reviews. “See if there is a spike in the total number of reviews during a very short time frame. This can indicate a targeted campaign to add new artificial reviews,” says Derek Hales, the editor-in-chief of product testing and research site ModernCastle. There are exceptions though: “Be aware that product launches, Black Friday, Christmas, and other major buy days can yield more reviews during certain periods.”

Look for overuse of “I” and “me” and a lot of verbs. According to research from Cornell University, online reviews that frequently use “I” and “me” are more likely to be fake than those that don’t — possibly because when people are lying they try to make themselves sound credible by using personal pronouns. Additionally, “deceivers use more verbs and truth-tellers use more nouns,” the research found.

Beware of scene-setting. The Cornell study also found that setting the scene could be a warning sign. “Truthful hotel reviews, for example, are more likely to use concrete words relating to the hotel, like ‘bathroom,’ ‘check-in’ or ‘price.’ Deceivers write more about things that set the scene, like ‘vacation,’ ‘business trip’ or ‘my husband,’” the research revealed. (Continued)

Make sure to keep this guide handy when you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy Edmonton AB roofing contractors to work with. On another note, DDCL is a highly-trained and ARCA-certified roofing company with decades of experience when it comes to roof repairs, replacements, and installations. If you have yet to find a reliable roofing company, just contact us today and we can definitely help you!