Here are some roofing tips for asphalt shingles which let you know that the roof has reached or is not protecting your home as it once did.

  • Flashing is lifting and nails are lifting above the shingles.

  • Roof has been hailed on and shingles are broken.

  • The wind is causing the shingles to lift.

  • Ice is building up on the last foot of your roof.

  • The shingles are curling up.

  • Finding more aggregate coming from your gutters.

If the shingles are lifting, broken or missing there is a possibility that your roof is leaking when it rains or when the snow melts and you do not know this is happening.

I am worried about the condition of my roof! How do I know that is needed to be replaced or repaired? Still confused still if it needs repair or totally replaced, look at the information supplied below.

Do you need to renovate your home or get something fixed at your place of work? DDCL in Edmonton, AB can handle it! We provide top-notch property renovation and maintenance solutions at affordable rates. For your convenience, we offer 24/7 emergency services.

DDCL is an insured and bonded company incorporated in 2003. For our clients’ added peace of mind, our team also follows safety procedures and takes precautions when working on a project.

DDCL is an insured and bonded company incorporated in 2003. For our clients’ added peace of mind, our team also follows safety procedures and takes precautions when working on a project

Asphalt Shingles

  • The shingles are curling upward or twisting.
  • After a storm shingles are on the ground or watermarks are found on the ceiling.
  • Nails holding down the flashing (steel plate) are loose.
  • Icicles are forming/hanging on the edge of the roof.
  • More aggregate (sand) is found in the gutters.
  • Roof is spongy, sagging and very soft when I step on it.
  • Discoloration of the shingles.

Cedar (Wooden) Shakes

  • Nails are lifting and exposed.
  • Shakes are curling and twisting
  • Shakes are falling off the roof.
  • Rotten shakes and the ends are deteriorating (crumbling when I touch them).

Why Choose Us?

DDCL is local and is located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a professional subcontractor whom you can trust and depend on!

DDCL is a Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ Rating, 5 star, with more than 50 reviews coming from many repeat clients.
We supply proof of WCB coverage, We are bonded and fully licensed. We are available 24/7 for emergencies. As a client, you sign off on the job scope before work is started and have an approximate cost of the job to be done.

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Developing and Maintaining Our Clients’ Trust

Our team builds trust with our clients by being courteous and doing what we promised. One top of that, we stay within their specified budget and timeframe. In return, we request that they extend us the same courtesy.

DDCL recently painted my whole townhouse. This included the walls, doors, trim and baseboard. The quality of their work was excellent. They paid attention to minute details.. They even fixed minor problems for me that were discovered during their work. The staff were polite and cleaned up after them selves.

Paula Melnyk

I had a piece of flashing come off my roof during a windy day. DDCL reinstalled that for me. Job was done perfectly and taken care of very quickly. Pricing was more than reasonable, I will be using DDCL for further jobs.

I thought this was going to be quite a bit more expensive and a bit of a pain to deal with, quite the opposite. Using DDCL was my customer service highlight for the year. I would strongly recommend!!

Justin Radatzke

They are highly professional and do their job perfectly.

Shadow Aperrel

I had them for snow removal and am very pleased with job and rates. They are courteous and professional and I would recommend them to all

Debbie B.

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