Introducing DDCL
Our Safety Slogan
Every job which DDCL undertakes must be completed safely and accordingly to Alberta codes, rules, regulations and bylaws to the best of our abilities.
All clients want their work completed first so DDCL completes jobs in order which they were received and when the client gives the permission to proceed.
It is important that all problems are fixed correctly within a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable cost. Leaking pipes or a flooding basement is moved to an “immediate status”. We all understand that water can cause major damage to drywall,
ruin our valuables, appliances, turn off out heat and short out our electrical systems. In the case of leaking basements we would work overtime at any hour to give assistance. We have submersible pump ready for such emergencies. When your job is planned, no matter the complexity we will keep you informed if unforeseen events happen, but our goal to keep to the schedule which we have given you. DDCL has run into instances where our clients like what we do and ask us to complete more tasks than what was scheduled or strong winds prevent us from installing facia safely. Of course this has a chain reaction for the future scheduled work. DDCL works hard to complete all tasks on time which we give you and keep to a schedule. Time may be required to find your particular product or color matching and we appreciate our clients understanding when such issues arise. Proper estimates take time to complete and work through all scenario’s and have associated costs. We do put bids on projects and others are time and materials. DDCL has completed a wide variety of residential and commercial jobs over the years. We would like your business and work hard to keep you as a loyal client.

In recent years the lumber and sheeting supply (roofing) companies have made their commodity value fluctuate even on a daily basis. Steel suppliers make all orders special orders, basically no stocking of the materials and it could take two weeks or more to get the order delivered.

For this reason it is important as a client to understand exactly what you want so hickups are minimized once your job starts.

DDCL would like you to be our next client. We can be contacted in the following ways:
Cell: 587-597-4228

DDCL can help you for many tasks:
  • Reinstalling Siding
  • Reinstalling Facia
  • Screwing Down Metal Roof
  • Shingling the Roof
  • Fixing the Deck
  • Pumping out Water
  • Fixing Fences
  • and much more...