Option A- Yard Evaluation

Option B- Yard Evaluation

Option C- Complete Cleanup and Repair

By Law Conformence Repairs Complete Clean up and Repairs
Due to noncomformance for not having a clean yard the owner was sommoned to clean up their rental property.

DDCL quote to clean up the yard and proposed if yard clean up went within the proposed buget the owner would be open to option B and C.
Propsal was to repair the fence. The fence posts were to be set in cement then reinstall the fence boards. Boards were not rotten, but could use paint. The fence fell over because no concrete was used to hold the posts in place in a swampy area.

Propsal was to complete the clean up inside of the house and finish the installation of the range hood, toilet, interior doors and add a small deck to the outside of the house.

Due to the owner being in another province a daily progress report was sent via email daily.

The report discussed costs, issues encountered while completing the work on site.

For owners who are away from their home or rental property this type of daily reporting may work for you.

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