Project, Assemble a 30'x60' Shop

Forms, Rebar & Inslab heating

Pouring Concrete

Assembly of Pre-Fabricated Building

Clear the land as required for the floating workshop slab and ensure a septic system and well water are far enough appart and meet government regulations.

Fabricate the appropriate forms, and install rebar with in floor heating with a wild loop around the perimeter using the appropriate sized boiler system.

A Tarpaulin structure was fabricated to creat a shady work space during the hot summer day for all the workers.

Reducing direct sun light slows down the Cure Rate of the concrete compared to direct sunlight.

Water was constantly added for several days to keep the concrete cool and to slow down the cure rate which was controlled or directed by the concrete finisher.
The premanufactured building was layed out and assembled after the Tarpaulin structure was disasembled and the conrete had a week to harden.

Building Errecting

Interior Shop Walls

Office Front

After the sections of the building were assembled they were errected as shown above. An interior wall was installed for the office. The office front framed in place was part of cost reduction10:11 PM 05-Nov-2015.

Meter Base

Cable to the Pole

The meter base was installed to the building as is for cost reductions. The cable was trenched in and attached to the pole awaiting for the lineman to hook up the cable.