Do you have some concerns about the drainage on your property?

Do you have concerns or doubts of how to fix the problem(s) which could be one of the following:
Drainage can lead into big problems if not taken care of in the early stages. All issues may not
be costly so a non-bias investigation at your home is required. Simple repairs may solve the
issue after looking for the root casue(s). From the investigation there could many remedies for
your particular drainage issue.

Home owners had a water buildup of water between their houses due to not enough
ground sloping to compensate for the water coming from four downspouts. Both owners
participated to rectify the spongy earth issues.
DDCL offers three basic plans:
Standard Deluxe ELITE
$500 by sloping newly added soil away from your residence and adding Mole Piping. $1,250 by sloping newly added soil away from your residence and adding Mole Piping and adding sod over the newly installed soil. $2,000 by installing a piping system to direct the water runoff away from your reidence
and adding sod and soil.

Our Submersible Pump Failed Submersible Pump
This spring we had rain for a week and the ground was saturated with water. On this particular night it rained again even harder and in the evening about 9.30pm water started to raise out of the submersible pit in the basement.
We were in Panic Mode what are we going to do, water is raising and we cannot bucket out the water fast enough. Oh no, our stuff needs to be raised off the cement in the basement, we threw towels on the floor to stop the water.
DDCL representive came over immediately and a new submersible pump was temperarily installed within one hour. A rubber joint was added in the pipe (no unions on existing system). Water was then pumped out the basement window and in the morning the sump pump was hooked upto the existing system.
Thanks for having a quick response time in our time of need.

Mr & Mrs Eduardo Requilman

Any dirt and debris in the plastic container (Reservoir) should be cleaned out. Any debis (Plastic, wood, pebbles) could jam the impellers of the submersible pump. If the impeller does not turn water levels will raise and the pit could overflow.