Open Juction Box

Attached an Electrical Cover Plate on the Junction Box

Safety Concerns arisen over the open junction box. Client requested DDCL to purchase and install the missing junction box cover.
The juction box cover was replaced the next day.
DDCL worker was glad to complete the task that others felt uncomfortable doing.

Painted Concrete Floor

The floor was cleaned then scraped to remove unadhered previously applied paint.
Cement paint was applied and allowed to cure.

Rotted Overhead Door

Repaired Overhead Door

The door has rotted through and you can see the daylight on the other side, and the rollers have disengaged from the tracks. In need of some minor touch ups.
The client was looking for possible solutions so that the Overhead door would not have to be replaced this year.
Solution was to reistall the rollers which had falled off and straighten the bent brackets.
Plywood was purchased and cut to shape such that the plywood is on the outside and inside of the building and held together by carriage bolts.
The plywood was then sealed with outdoor silicone. This temperary fix in lue of door replacement which met the requirements for the client.