Option 1- Repair

Option 2- Salvage

Option 3- Fire Training

Family, Pet and Livestock Safety Reusable Materials Fire Department Training
There comes a time when every owner decides or the decision is made on their behalf that the structure on their property may not be safe as it once or that it is not used that much any more (winter storage).

No one wishes for their love ones, livestock or pets to be injured due to falling boards (wall or ceiling) bit by an amimal, stung by bees or wasps or even catch a airborne disease (Hantavirus). In some cases it could be the wind or the snow load to take the structure down.

You could have mice, rats, bats, bees, wasps or wild animals infestation (Fox, coyote, skunk, porcupine) moving too close to your home becasue the shelter is perfect for them.

DDCL could help you with the next step in deciding is it feasable to make repairs, clean up the area, or is it time to desembled the structure. There are solutions to a structure problems for every structure has different issues. You might just be too busy to complete this task on your own.

Ask for your Quote.
Might have a other building in need of repairs, make this building a smaller building.

There are so many options so give DDCL a call for possible solutions or get us to make your plans come true.
Once you come to the conclusion that the building is an eye sore and materials are not feasable to salvage or have other usage for the space.

Consider having your local fire department use the building as a training location where they could train using their chain saws, Jaws, or even search in unknow environments. This would be of great service to the department if training of their mebers is required.

With all things these days there might be a little string attached where you may be required to make a donation. But if you look at a controlled burn the responsibilty would be out of your hands and this might be a good thing.